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Following a car accident, it’s vital to get a fair settlement for your accident claim. Without proper compensation, it may feel impossible to recover from your financial losses. From time missed from work to the cost of treatment, you need these funds.

If you’re seeking a fair settlement offer, an injury lawyer from The Law Offices of Jorge Luis Flores can make a big difference in your car accident case. An experienced car accident lawyer can guide you through your Georgia car accident settlement process, including determining what your settlement is worth, understanding average settlement rates, and taking action on your auto accident claim.

Understanding Car Accident Settlement Process in Georgia

Following a Georgia car accident, your first opportunity as an injury victim to receive compensation is through your insurance company. You typically have the opportunity to file a car accident claim that covers the cost of your damages, from medical bills for severe injuries to lost income if you can’t work. 

When pursuing a settlement, you may find the average value can vary wildly. So much of your case depends on how serious your car accident was. Because of this, your Georgia car accident attorney is here to guide you through the following steps.

Understand Your Policy and Its Limits 

When filing car accident claims, it’s important to understand what your insurance coverage includes. The average car accident settlement can vary depending on whether the drivers involved have the minimum state-required coverage, or whether you have more complete coverage. Keep in mind that Georgia is a fault state, meaning you will need to file a claim against the other driver’s insurance company.

Georgia law requires you to carry bodily injury liability insurance and property damage liability insurance. Bodily injury coverage should include $25,000 per person and $50,000 per incident, while property damage must cover at least $25,000 per incident. With this minimum coverage, if your accident is not severe, the insurance coverage may handle your medical expenses and the cost of repairing your vehicle.

However, serious injuries, lost wages, and property damage from Georgia car accidents can be more extreme than you may expect. In cases like these, the insurance policy may be maxed out before you are fully covered. In these cases, you may need to seek out a car accident lawyer to help you file an injury case.

Reporting Your Accident 

Before you look at your policy or file a claim, you need to report the accident. While seeking medical treatment after a car accident is one of the most important steps you can take, notifying the insurance company as soon as possible about your accident can help begin your claim sooner. 

Keep in mind that it’s best not to discuss fault at this point. While you may know the other party is the at-fault driver, insurance companies may use anything you say against you to protect their profits. Because of this, simply report the accident and any basic information they ask for about your car accident.

Review and Investigation by Insurance Adjuster 

From there, the insurance company will assign an insurance adjuster to your case. This insurance adjuster will determine whether you are eligible for insurance coverage and how much the insurance company should offer.

Once the insurance adjuster is on the case, they will investigate the accident and its aftermath. For example, if you are in physical therapy for a severe spinal injury, the insurance adjuster may confirm with a doctor that the accident caused your injuries, and they may investigate how much progress you have made toward health.

Approval or Denial and Offer 

Once the adjuster has completed their investigation, the insurance company will approve or deny your claim, and settlement negotiations may begin. The insurance company will offer the accident victim a settlement calculated by the specific details of their case. This accounts for any current injuries that you did seek medical treatment for as well as future medical costs and compensation for your recovery. 

For example, spinal cord injuries are complex, and you may need surgeries beyond the treatment you’ve already had. The insurance adjuster should account for this. 

During negotiations, you may need an experienced legal team to ensure you are receiving a fair settlement offer, whether you suffered minor damages or catastrophic injuries. Accident victims may write demand letters if the insurance company fails to offer a settlement that covers all their needs.

If the insurance company still refuses to settle with you, it may be time to contact a personal injury lawyer to file a lawsuit.

Factors that Influence Car Accident Settlement Amounts

Many people who have suffered car accidents and have been severely injured may have a difficult time determining what their case is worth. That makes it difficult to take the right steps to settle their claims. Because their injuries can vary from minor injury to life-changing damage or wrongful death, it can be difficult to provide an average settlement amount. However, there are common factors that can impact your car accident settlement.

First, the severity of the injuries you have suffered will matter. A severely injured accident victim may have years of recovery ahead. This is especially true for traumatic brain injuries, which can come with irreversible damage.

Likewise, losing a loved one can have a huge impact on your case. A fatal car crash has different needs and considerations, which can impact your case. 

Even if you have only suffered property damage, you may be in the middle of a confusing case. Your car may be slightly damaged or it may be listed as totaled. Auto accident victims will need to take care and determine what influences may be already impacting their case.

Importance of Legal Representation for Maximizing Settlement

When an insurance company does not offer you a fair settlement or you need to seek out a personal injury lawsuit, getting legal representation from personal injury lawyers can make a huge difference. Maximizing your personal injury claim can help you recover more fully from the suffering you have experienced.

One of the biggest elements is ensuring that you’re getting all your economic damages covered. If you’re filing a personal injury claim, you can also include pain and suffering damages. However, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the cost of your accident and leave out vital damages. For example, your soft tissue injuries may have needed ongoing treatment, leading to transportation costs if you needed a specialist. Your attorney can ensure these damages are included.

Legal representation also makes a big difference in how seriously you are taken in court. Without an experienced Georgia car accident attorney on your side, you may have trouble sharing evidence and presenting your case. Unfortunately, that leaves many injury victims with low car accident settlements.

Tips for Negotiating a Fair Settlement with Insurance Companies

When negotiating a fair settlement with the insurance company, one of the most important things you can do is seek the help of a personal injury attorney. Having experienced legal representation on your side can make a difference in the outcome of your case. 

Georgia car accident cases can also be easier when you take them with calmness and patience. Unfortunately, while it’s a frustrating situation, getting angry or taking the first settlement offer you receive can lead to problems in the future. For example, you may quickly accept a settlement offer, only to find it’s not enough money to cover your injuries.

Also, be sure that you have as much evidence as possible showing what your claim is worth. It can be difficult for the insurance company to lowball your settlement or avoid paying for your settlement if you have the evidence necessary to show what a fair settlement for you would be.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During the Settlement Process

When you are hurt and suffering, it’s easy to make mistakes. Unfortunately, those mistakes can hurt you during the insurance process. Many people receive a low settlement offer or none at all because of these mistakes.

When seeking a settlement for a car accident claim, keep in mind that any of the following actions can leave you with significantly less funding for your recovery and can even lead to your claim being denied:

  • Settling too quickly 
  • Not having enough evidence 
  • Failing to get legal representation 
  • Giving up after a claim denial 
  • Waiting to report your accident 
  • Lying about the severity of your injuries 

How The Law Offices of Jorge Luis Flores Can Help Clients with Their Car Accident Settlement Claims

When filing a car accident claim, you may need an attorney on your side to help you secure a settlement. One of the easiest ways to do this is to seek out the services of an attorney. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Jorge Luis Flores have experience negotiating with insurance companies and representing clients in court.

Our team is prepared to help you through every part of your accident, from initial investigation to mediation to representing you in court. We strive to guide our clients to the car accident settlement claims they need, not just the average settlement offer.

Georgia Car Accident Settlement FAQ

When seeking a settlement for a car accident in Georgia, you may find yourself overwhelmed by how complex these cases are. While the average settlement amount varies, you could certainly require more to cover all of your losses.

Because of this, you may have a lot of questions. Those are questions a Georgia car accident attorney can help answer. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney. While you wait for your appointment, check out the following common questions we receive, so that you have some idea of the answers we can provide.

How long do most car accident settlements take?

The length of your settlement can vary depending on factors like how willing the insurance company is to work with you and how complex your case is. Most car accident cases with minor injuries can be settled in a matter of weeks. However, if your case is more complex, it could take months or even years to settle. No matter how long it takes, your lawyer is here to help.

How is pain and suffering calculated?

Pain and suffering is calculated based on the severity of your injuries and the impact those injuries have had on your life. For example, neck injuries can be painful, but they may be improved with physical therapy and rest. However, a disfiguring injury or life-changing injury can impact every aspect of your life, potentially permanently. That may net you more compensation for pain and suffering.

Is Georgia a fault state? 

Yes, Georgia is a fault state, meaning that the at-fault party may be held liable for your financial recovery. Because of this, you typically don’t file against your own insurance, but instead, seek compensation from the at-fault party’s insurer.

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Get Help Calculating Your Settlement from an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

Georgia personal injury cases can be complex, and you may have difficulty getting the settlement you need. The average settlement for car accidents in Georgia may not even be enough to cover the value of your case. 

In these cases, you may need to seek out a personal injury attorney from The Law Offices of Jorge Luis Flores. Our attorneys approach every car accident case with care, expertise, and experience. We also offer a free consultation to new clients, allowing you to speak to an attorney about your options before you ever make any decisions. 

If you’re unsure about your options and opportunities to get compensated after a car accident in Georgia, reach out. You can contact us by calling or completing our online contact form.