When you ride a city or charter bus or when you send your children to school in a bus, you trust that the driver has received the needed training and is responsible enough to do a good job while behind the wheel to care for the safety of everyone on board. However, an accident can happen at any time and with horrific consequences. If you or someone dear to you has been injured in a Covington bus accident, you may be dealing with severe and extensive injuries that have not only impacted the quality of your life but may also have stopped you from going to work and making the money you need to focus on your recovery and your health.

There is no need for you to feel overwhelmed by the turn your life has taken while trying to find a way to fight for your legal rights. Your health should be your priority and your Covington bus accident lawyer at the legal offices of Jorge Luis Flores LLC is ready to hear about your case and help you fight for the compensation to which you might be entitled to cover your medical expenses, loss of wages, and other personal property that you might have lost in the accident.

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A Wrecked School Bus

Main Reasons Why Bus Accidents Happen

Anyone who gets behind the wheel of a car, truck, bus, or any other passenger vehicle, may ultimately be found liable for car accidents. It does not matter whether the vehicle is small or large or whether there are passengers or not. The driver can engage in risky behavior such as speeding, eating or drinking while driving, fiddling with the radio or GPS, turning to talk to their passengers, taking their eyes off the road to see what is happening across the street, using their phone to call, text or email, and, in general, display all sorts of distracted driving behavior.

However, when it comes to bus crashes, there is an additional element of risk because these large vehicles tend to be used more and require much more careful and frequent maintenance to keep providing service to their passengers.

Neglectful bus companies may be behind a loose maintenance schedule for bus drivers or they may have a policy that says that no bus is serviced unless there is a breakdown thus causing many bus accident injuries. This policy may lead to buses that have old and worn tires, brakes that have not been checked for a while, motors that do not run as they should, and even dirty windows that do not allow the driver sufficient visibility while driving, ending up in a bus crash.

Bus accident victims have a right to engage the services of Covington bus accident lawyers to get help with their bus accident claims. When bus accidents occur, bus accident lawyers can prepare a claim against a negligent bus driver, other private companies, and the insurance company as well. After investigating bus wrecks, they will have the tools they need when it comes to determining liability of the transportation services in personal injury cases.

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Who Can You Sue After a Bus Accident?

Many bus accidents differ from those between two cars because in these situations there may be more than one party to sue, making the case much more complicated for someone with no legal experience. The obvious place to start is with the bus driver and the bus company. Additionally, you may be able to sue the driver who rammed the bus causing the accident. In other cases, you may be able to go after the vehicle manufacturer, the maintenance company, or even government entities such as a government agency when riding a city bus.

One cannot discount the possibility that one of the other passengers might be found to be at fault for the bus accident if they were having an argument with the bus driver or for some reason made the driver lose concentration and crash.

Let a Covington bus accident attorney at the law firm of Jorge Luis Flores, LLC do a full investigation into your accident to gather all available evidence and come up with a clear picture of the parties involved and their responsibility in your bus accident claim for you to seek compensation for your wrongful death or injury claim.

Bus Accidents Involving School Buses

There are certain unique aspects of a crash involving school buses mainly because they usually lack any type of restraining system for the children. If your child is hurt in a school bus accident, you may think the school district would respond and take responsibility but the reality tends to be quite the opposite. Any attempt to sue the school districts by a lone parent will likely be impossible to achieve.

It is also common in these school bus cases for the children’s injuries not to become obvious until weeks or months after the accident which is why there is no time to waste to start the legal process. After all this time has passed, the statute of limitations may run out and you may lose the possibility of filing a claim and getting the compensation you and your child deserve.

Let a Covington bus accident lawyer from the law offices of Jorge Luis Flores, LLC handle this difficult case against the at-fault party and take the worry off your hands.

Bus Crashed With Two White Cars

What to Do If You Are in a Bus Accident

Your Covington bus accident lawyers from the law firm of Jorge Luis Flores LLC, recommend you take certain crucial actions when you are in a bus accident. Your actions at this time will have consequences when it comes to recovering your accident-related losses.

Whether the public transportation accident was due to driver error or other drivers are at fault, it is important for you to start by determining whether you or other passengers have been injured and whether there are any severe injuries. Call 911, request an ambulance, and wait for the police reports. Abstain from speculating with police as to what caused the accident. They are experts at this and know how to reach their conclusions.

Gather information from the bus driver including the bus company they work for, their insurance company, their driver’s license, and the license plate number. Take pictures of yourself, your injuries, and anything else you believe might have played a role in the accident.

As soon as possible, get medical attention to make sure there are no hidden injuries and follow all medical treatment. Also, inform your insurance company but wait until you consult with your personal injury accident lawyer before accepting a settlement or signing any document.

How Can Your Legal Team Help You?

At the law offices of Jorge Luis Flores, your bus accident attorney will craft a legal strategy for you to recover fair compensation for the medical bills related to your medical care as well as your wage losses, property damage, and other factors. We offer a free case evaluation and are ready to help you through the complex process to seek maximum compensation. Call us today.